How to Use

Order History

The J-Ports MyAccount tool is a quick and easy way for our customers to check on their orders. Through this page all invoices attached to the email of the user are listed, along with the relevant PayPal link.

Items Alert

Alerts can be set up so that you receive an email when a requested item is about to go on sale. Simply select a brand and write what kind of item you are looking for (for example, 'Speedy 25'), as well as a maximum and minimum price. When an item is about to go on sale that matches your request, we will send you and email.

J-Ports Profile

Your profile can be managed through the links at the top right. Here, your email and password can be updated, and you can set what nickname you will have on J-Ports Chat.


Please register with the email used to purchase items from J-Ports. For more information about J-Ports, please see our home page.